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Toronto Debt Consolidation - Services

Debt related problems can take their toll on individuals, families and businesses. Before you make any rash decisions about bankruptcy, or selling your assets to pay your bills, you should consult with an expert in the field of debt counselling or debt consolidation. Knowing all your options will help you make the right decisions so that if possible, you can continue to realize your dream of financial independence. Here are just a few of the services provided in Toronto.





Debt Related Services:






Debt Consolidation Services - any one of several

specialized services that offers debt consolidation,

debt management, debt counselling, personal bankruptcy

and other personal and corporate financial solutions.


Debt Refinancing - a process by which your current debt and

current interest rate, term and principal may be renegotiated

with your current or a new lending institution. Very useful if you

are looking to lower your interest payments.


Developing a Budget - every individual and

family in Canada that runs into debt problems

usually has a problem developing and sticking to

a preset monthly budget. Experts can help you

eliminate needless spending and show you ways to

stick to your budget without overspending.


Contacting Your Creditors - debt consolidation services in Toronto are experienced in dealing with creditors. This experience will allow a specialist to speak to your creditors, explain your situation and often work out a means of renegotiating or extending the term of your debt.


Managing Your Auto and Home Loans - home mortgages, loans and car payments are often a large percentage of a family's debt. Debt counselors can help review the terms of these loans and suggest possible ways to lower your monthly payments or even consolidate these loans into one monthly payment through a home equity line of credit or other lending vehicle.


Credit Counselling - most Canadians don't want to admit that they need advice or counselling of any kind, let alone advice on how to manage their money. However, a credit counselor has the expertise to review your credit history, and can suggest some easy to follow steps aimed at improving your credit score, and lowering your monthly payments.


Debt Management Plans - or DMP is a widely used method for paying personal unsecured debts, which may have become all out of control because the payments due are taking too large a portion of one's income, and at times even exceeding it. The DMP involves a process of cataloguing all debts, assessing income and budget, net worth and possibly renegotiate interest payments, terms and interest with your lenders.


Bankruptcy - bankruptcy is a legal procedure in which an individual or company declares that they are unable or impaired in their ability to pay their creditors or debt. In some cases, a creditors can file a bankruptcy petition against a debtor, which is referred to as an involuntary bankruptcy. This is done in an effort to recouperatre all or a portion of what they are owed. In most cases, a bankruptcy procedure is initiated on a voluntary basis by the debtor. Bankruptcies may involve a court process, home foreclosure or the sale of assets such as furniture and cars.


Debt Negotiation Programs - this is a process similar to debt consolidation, but specifically deals with the professional negotiation by a third party on your behalf with banks and other debtors, to reach the best possible debt repayment program.


Student Loan Consolidation - this specifically deals with college and university loans that may be difficult to repay. This can be done by consolidating various student loans and perhaps having one's wages slowly deducted through a process of wage garnishment.






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